by Craig Dimitri

Of the 33 seats up this cycle, there are only eight – the “Big Eight”, currently in significant likelihood of changing party control.  Six are incumbent Republicans, one is a currently GOP open-seat, one is an incumbent Democrat.   Democrats must make a net gain of six seats to take control, 51-49.

One of the six incumbents is embattled George Allen in what is normally reliably Republican Virginia.   Rasmussen Reports – a highly respected independent pollster, released a poll on Friday, October 27, showing Allen with the slightest of leads – one percentage point – over Democratic challenger Jim Webb.  In the Old Dominion, the race stands as a 49%-48% margin (i.e., a statistical tie).

This race is unusual, as Webb is a prominent former Republican: in fact, Webb served as Navy secretary in the Cabinet of Republican President Ronald Reagan.  The war in Iraq has emerged as the top issue, unsurprisingly.  For the GOP, this is a distressingly close contest, in light of the fact that at the beginning of 2006, Allen was perceived as being a safe seat in a red state.  Now, even if he wins, he will absorb Republican time and resources in an election which Allen was expected to win handily. 

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