Algeria has become the sixth biggest oil provider of the United States during the first three quarters in 2006, with a daily export of 649,000 barrels, local media have reported.The worth of Algerian oil exports to U.S. has reached 9.14 billion dollars from January to September, representing 22. 82 percent of the country’s total oil exports, the report said on Monday.

In the period, the total volume of U.S. oil imports has reached 12,496 million barrels per day, nearly one quarter of the world oil production.

Apart from Algeria, Canada, Mexico and Saudi Arabia are also major oil suppliers of the United States, representing respectively 16.9 percent, 12.1 percent and 11.7 percent of oil imports.

Today, almost 50% of the oil US consumes is imported. This could grow to 75% in the future unless that US finds new energetic resources.

Oil imports have contributed greatly to the growing US trade deficit.

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