Pirates attackis on ships off the coast of Somalia has been a problem in recent years, but like the many pirate attacks in the Indian Ocean, they rarely get mentioned in the US press. We hear about them in the Philippines when our sailors are involved, but the US press usually ignores the problem.
However, recent attacks off Somalia have involved ships carrying food aid to that country.

So, who polices the oceans? There is a story here but I guess stories about free governments fighting bad guys is not a big story that the MSM wants to cover.
Well, in an attack of Somali pirates last week, the answer is the US NAVY.

From the IHTribune:

The destroyer James E. Williams assisted Korean sailors who retook control of their North Korean-flagged vessel Tuesday in a deadly battle with Somali pirates who had hijacked the boat late Monday.

According to the military, the North Koreans asked for medical assistance and gave permission for U.S. Navy personnel to board the ship.

When the navy boarded the ship with a small team of medics, security personnel and an interpreter, the Koreans already had regained control of the vessel and detained all pirates, the navy said.

I had heard the reports about the “Korean” sailors, but was not aware that the ship was one from North Korea..

Another point missing from the IHT (AKA NYTimes Europe) report was that the US actually helped the Koreans to regain their ship after receiving a distress call:
From a Korean news site:

The U.S. destroyer arrived in the vicinity of the North Korean ship at midday and contacted the pirates, ordering them to give up their weapons, it said.

“At that point, the Korean crew confronted the pirates and regained control of the ship, and then began communicating with the James E. Williams, requesting medical assistance,” the Navy said.

Curioser and curiouser. Why didn’t the IHT bother to mention the active assistance by the US ship? OR mention that it was a North Korean freighter in the headlines, not mentioning this until the second paragraph? What was the freighter carrying? Where were they headed? Were their Korean Americans on the destroyer to translate? What are the international ramifications that the US helped enemy sailors? And why no mention that this was not the first time that the US Navy has gone against pirates in this region?
But a USATODAY headline notes: Another U.S. warship intervenes in piracy off Somalia and mentions that the USS Arleigh Burke is pursuing a Japanese ship taken over by pirates.

So this hints to a US Navy that has been tasked to protect ships in that area from pirates.

Gee, this would make a great story….if the NYTimes and it’s offspring weren’t so busy bashing the US military to ignore any good news.

But I can thank them: THANKS FELLAHS.

jame e williams

The USS James E Williams website is HERE.


Nancy Reyes is a retired physician living in the rural Philippines. Her website is Finest Kind CLinic and Fishmarket, and she has a son in law in the US NAVY.

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