The Suicide Risk Of a United States male Veteran is twice that of the general population. This is in accordance with a Story Released Monday.

” We need to be more alert to the problem of suicide as a major public health issue, and we need to do better screening among individuals who served in the military for their mental health risk, as well as gun availability ” as stated by Dr. Mark S. Kaplan.
Kaplan and His team of researchers followed more than 100,000 veterans  that served between 1917 and 1994, Compared to over 200,000 people who aren’t veterans. Out of this group of people 508 commited suicide. 197 of said people were vets, as to where 311 that were not veterans.

This proves that veterans of the United States Armed Forces are 2.13 times more likely to commit suicide over time.

It was also proven that United States Veterans were more likely to kill themselves using a firearm. This is compared to their civilian counterparts.

Doctors suggest that many of these suicides were the result of Chronic Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and other mental conditions. They Suggest that these mental illnesses were developed during the time spent in the armed forces. Nevertheless, Many studies are still underway.

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