U.S. in Pieces!

Sadly the U.S. is still fighting the old Soviet Union — or Muslims now? Our Secretary of Defense has a running battle with the pols who support military construction in their locales. We are supplying the bulk of the world’s military equipment — including that being used against our troops. Obama sadly continued the ‘wars’ against terrorism — with the potential civil war again between the two rival Muslim communities in Iraq and the corruption of Karsai and friends and family in Afghanistan.

Obama had a mess to hold the country together amidst a near new great depression set running by Republicans running back to Reagan’s cut in regulation. All the other major nations are providing free medical care and good education for their children. We are not because of the anti tax slogan that the Republicans have been pressing since FDR.

There are a few Nazis running around our nation and training to attack our government. But let us not forget that we had the same Nazi sympathizers until Pearl Harbor when FDR no longer had to sneak support to the Brits. The Bush grandfather was dealing with major Nazi corporations — my Senator, Prescott Bush from Connecticut — only broke his Nazi ties with Pearl Harbor and the Nazi declaration of war on us.

To put it in a word, we now live in a global economy, not a military world. ‘Terror’ is whoever happens to be one’s enemy of the moment. We are terrorists in Afghanistan, although they tell us that the Taliban kills more innocents than we do? There are no dependable stats on killings — drones from on high, ‘classified’ assassination teams?

Check with Google on what bad shape we are in with no easy outs, thanks to our pols and borrowing from the Chinese who have grabbed our working jobs for cheaper sales where American prefer to shop at the discount array.

Buy American? Are you kidding? Obama rescued our auto industry, but no man can do it all. Help? Can we put it back together? That is an ever decreasing possibility. WW2 bailed us out while Europe was being reconstructed. But we have no such solution now.

“A war is just if there is no alternative, and the resort to arms is legitimate if they represent your last hope.” (Livy cited by Machiavelli)

Ed Kent [blind copies]

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