by Craig Dimitri  

In light of the national political environment, and metropolitan Seattle’s Democratic leanings, it’s amazing that freshman Rep. Dave Reichert (R) has a fighting chance of quenching the challenge from former Microsoft executive Darcy Burner (D).  Reichert was elected in 2004 with just 51.5% of the vote, in a district carried narrowly by John F. Kerry.  But he does.  Entering the final weekend, he’s still in a statistical tie with his Democratic challenger.

Since August, the independent poll MajorityWatch has taken three rounds of polling in the WA-8th CD.  Remarkably, the race has not changed at all; all three polls showed one candidate with a lead, but within the roughly 3% margin of error- thus, all statistical ties.  The initial round, conducted from August 27-29, showed Burner leading Reichert, 49%-46%.  The second round, from October 8-10, reflected little change: Reichert 48%, Burner 45%.  Finally, the most recent poll, conducted October 24-26, confirmed previous results: Burner 49%, Reichert 47%.  No statistically valid change, after over two months of heavy campaigning by both sides.

However, the national GOP intends to tilt this contest in Reichert’s favor, during the closing days.  According to the Washington Post, Reichert’s blue-state seat is considered vital by the NRCC, who reported on Friday, November 3, that “on Wednesday… The committee [NRCC] spent nearly $750,000 on behalf of Rep. David G. Reichert in Washington’s 8th District…

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