by Craig Dimitri

Along with the 8th CD (see separate story, below), blue Washington State could provide some early-Wednesday-AM solace to DC Republicans.  Two freshman Republicans could pull out their races.  Rep. Cathy McMorris – in former Democratic Speaker Tom Foley‘s seat – even has a statistically significant, albeit narrow, lead over her challenger, Peter Goldmark (D).

McMorris did well in this district in 2004, capturing the open seat with 60% of the vote.  Plus, WA-5th CD is a Republican district; George W. Bush crushed John F. Kerry in eastern Washington, winning 57%-43%.  The most recent poll, by MajorityWatch, conducted October 24-26, showed McMorris hanging onto a 51%-46% lead, outside the poll’s 3.11% margin-of-error – so she’s definitely ahead, at least for the time being. Another wild card is early balloting, which is permitted in Washington State.

However, the DCCC – confident that it has a majority already, and seeking to pad it by targeting Republican districts – has decided to gamble and aggressively attempt to take out McMorris.  On Sunday, October 29, the Washington Post reported that:

In Washington’s 5th District, [party strategist John] Lapp is running ads hitting freshman Rep. Cathy McMorris despite the strong Republican tilt of the district. That’s because ad time in the Spokane media market, which covers almost the entire district, is relatively inexpensive, allowing the DCCC to fund a week of ads for just over $300,000. It is a cheap bet, even for a long shot.”

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