by Craig Dimitri

On December 12, House Democrats capped their victories in the 2006 cycle by defeating Rep. Henry Bonilla (R., Texas) in a runoff; former U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D., Texas) will return to the House after defeating Bonilla on Tuesday, in a huge district that spans part of the border between Texas and Mexico.   Thus, in the new House, which will convene in January, there will be 233 Democrats, opposed by 202 Republicans.  In 2008, assuming no resignations, scandals, etc., affecting the total number of either party’s members, the GOP will need to win a net of 16 seats to retake control. 

There is still one seat in dispute – ironically, the Republican seat vacated by outgoing Rep. Katherine Harris, who lost her bid for the U.S. Senate.  Harris played one of the central roles, in the memorable and lengthy 2000 recount over Florida’s election-determining 25 electoral votes.  Republican Vern Buchanan has already been certified the winner over Democrat Christine Jennings, in the battle for this Republican-held open seat, but the litigation over the election has not ended.  For our purposes here, we will count this seat as Republican, unless Jennings succeeds in overturning the outcome.

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