by Craig Dimitri

There was finally some good news for House Republicans, after the catastrophic losses suffered on November 7. Over the past three days, the Republicans are now assured of at least 200 members in their caucus.  Two experienced incumbents, Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico and Rep. Robin Hayes of North Carolina, were able to pull out victories, albeit by just triple-digit margins, over their Democratic challengers.  There was also good news from – ironically – Ohio and Florida, the two states which provided the margin of victory to George W. Bush in 2004 and 2000. 

In Ohio, the pair of beleaguered GOP incumbents – Rep. Deborah Pryce (15th CD/Columbus) and Rep. Jean Schmidt (2nd CD/SW Ohio) continued to maintain safe leads over their challengers, although there are thousands of provisional ballots to be counted in both contests.  As a result, their victories will probably not be made official until after Thanksgiving. 

In Florida, the GOP hopes to retain the seat vacated by Rep. Katharine Harris, who lost her bid for the U.S. Senate.  Republican Vern Buchanan holds a slim lead over Democrat Christine Jennings in the district, which has been plagued by an unusually high number of undervotes in the 13th CD contest, by Sarasota County voters, the most Democratic in the five-county district, according to’s First Read blog.

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