by Craig Dimitri

A campaign rally with Al Gore – at 8:00 AM.  Timing is everything in politics.  The Patrick Murphy campaign should stock up on plenty of coffee (and not decaf) for that event.  But aside from scheduling the party’s most notoriously slumber-inducing politician for an 8 AM rally, this event signals that the Murphy campaign is being taken very seriously, by the Democratic high command.  Clearly, by sending in such imposing Democratic guns – the current, soon-to-be-re-elected in a landslide governor, the soon-to-be-elected-in-a-lesser-but-still-comfortable-landslide U.S. Senate candidate, and the party’s possible next presidential candidate, both national and Pennsylvania Democrats are demonstrating that this contest is among their highest priorities.

It also indicates that both Rendell and Casey have sufficiently huge leads, that the assault on Republican Mike Fitzpatrick’s U.S. House seat is a more efficient use of their time than campaiging in other counties.  Both Rendell and Casey will carry Bucks County by large margins, and don’t need to campaign for themselves.  According to a press release from the Murphy campaign, both will be appearing with Murphy at events scheduled for 8 AM in Levittown, 3:30 PM in Glenside (Obama will be at that event, only), and 5:30 PM at Central Bucks West High School in Doylestown.  It appears that the pair of statewide candidates will be spending an entire day (during the final weekend of the campaign, no less) stumping for Murphy – an impressive testimonial to Murphy’s standing as a competitive candidate.

In all fairness, the early-hour Gore event will also feature the charismatic governor, who can probably offset anything Gore might do to slow down the proceedings.

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