by Craig Dimitri

On Sunday, Carrie James, Communications Director for the campaign of Democrat Patrick Murphy, strongly challenged the validity of the Keystone Poll, which had asserted on Friday, that GOP incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick enjoyed a 48%-39% lead among likely voters, in the hotly contested race for Pa.’s 8th CD.

James stated that the Keystone Poll lacked credibility, due to the fact that the poll mistakenly included an independent candidate, Tom Lingenfelter, who had already withdrawn from the race, and thus will not be an option for voters on the November 7 ballot. According to James:  “Obviously the methodology of a poll that includes the wrong candidates cannot be trusted.  Maybe if Mickey Mouse had been included he would come out ahead of both candidates.”  Lingenfelter had drawn 3% support, in the poll.  Unsurprisingly, the Fitzpatrick campaign’s official web site had prominently posted the poll’s findings on its home page. James continued, “Patrick knocks on doors, goes to the train stations and talks to voters every day and there is a clear desire for a change in direction.  This poll has the wrong candidate on it, two other polls say something quite different — Patrick Murphy leads, because the voters want change.”

The two other polls James cited, were conducted by two Democratic polling firms, Global Strategies and Grove Insight.  Both showed Murphy ( ahead of Fitzpatrick (, although Murphy’s lead in both polls fell within their respective margins of error, thus being statistical ties and too close to call.  The Grove Insight poll was commissioned by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which views Fitzpatrick’s seat as an important target.  Fitzpatrick is seeking re-election for the first time in Pennsylvania’s 8th District, which is comprised mainly of Bucks County, in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

The full results of the Keystone Poll, which is taken by G. Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College, can be found at:

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