by Craig Dimitri

In an increasingly rare bright spot for the House Republican majority, it appears that freshman Mike Fitzpatrick (R) is ahead of his Democratic challenger, Patrick Murphy, with less than two weeks until the November 7 election.  On Friday, October 27, an independent poll, the Keystone Poll from G. Terry Madonna at Franklin & Marshall College, stated that Fitzpatrick has a 48%-39% lead among likely voters, and a 47%-38% lead among registered voters.

Unsurprisingly, the Fitzpatrick campaign’s official web site  – – prominently posted this result – - on its home page.  Ironically, on Friday, Murphy’s campaign  – – had released an internal poll which claimed that the Democratic challenger was in a statistical tie with Fitzpatrick. 

One interesting finding of the Keystone Poll: despite constant Philadelphia TV advertising by both sides, a remarkable number of respondents claimed to have neither positive nor negative views of the two candidates. 

Fitzpatrick was deemed : 43% favorable, 24% unfavorable, 16% undecided, 18% didn’t know.   Murphy, likewise: 29% favorable, 23% unfavorable, 18% undecided, 30% didn’t know.  Nearly half of the electorate doesn’t know or can’t decide if they like Murphy or not.  And a third of the electorate feels the same way about Fitzpatrick, although he held countywide office in Bucks prior to serving in Congress

The full results of the Keystone Poll, which is taken by G. Terry Madonna of Franklin & Marshall College, can be found at:

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