by Craig Dimitri

Challenger Joe Sestak (D) is apparently undaunted by the formidable Republican organization in Delaware County, where most of the Pa.-7th CD is situated.   In Friday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Sestak asserted that he had signed up “1,835 volunteers”, and would contact “134,000 voters” ranging the political spectrum.  According to the article, Sestak’s 134,000 targets would be “voters identified as casual Democrats, independents or moderate Republicans.”

Sestak has thus thrown down the gauntlet to the Delaware County GOP, which dominates politics in the traditionally Republican county.  Sestak will need support from not only independents and Democrats in order to win, but also from some registered Republicans.  According to the Delaware County Daily Times, the 7th CD (which also includes parts of Chester and Montgomery Counties) breaks down in terms of party registration: 55% Republican, 32% Democratic, 13% independent/minor parties. 

Nor is that just paper strength.  The independent MajorityWatch poll conducted in October, showed that the voters self-identified as 49% Republicans, 31% Democrats, 20% independent.  Nonetheless, the Republican advantages in the district aren’t powerful enough, in and of themselves, to ensure Republican Curt Weldon‘s re-election.   The same sample told MajorityWatch that (at least as of Oct. 8-10) they favored Sestak over Weldon by a 51%-44% margin, with a 3.09% margin of error.

The national Republican Party wasn’t assured, either, of the safety of Weldon’s seat.  Prior to suddenly abandoning their TV ads supporting Weldon (in order to divert them to more viable Republicans elsewhere in the Philadelphia suburbs, Mike Fitzpatrick and Jim Gerlach), they had spent a considerable sum attacking Sestak, as noted in the Washington Post.

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