by Craig Dimitri

On Saturday, November 18, the showdown between traditional archrivals Ohio State and Michigan, will be overshadowed by the passing of legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler.  The fans of both schools, while mourning his passing, will nonetheless enjoy an afternoon of high-stakes football, taking place over approximately three hours, and with a conclusive outcome before the end of Saturday. 

However, the same cannot be said of the House district representing Columbus, the location of OSU.  The second of the two Ohio Republicans hoping to hang on to their seats, seven-term (and member of the GOP House leadership) Rep. Deborah Pryce, represents this district.  She currently enjoys a lead of 3,536 ballots (about 2%) over challenger Mary Jo Kilroy (D), a Franklin County commissioner.

Unsurprisingly, Ohio State University plays a prominent role in this contest.  The various county staffs have opted not to recount ballots during the big game, on Saturday.  Kilroy, campaign manager Scott Kozar, six Kilroy campaign staff members, and innumerable OSU volunteers, are OSU alumni or current students, according to Kilroy’s campaign site’s home page today.

OSU also provides a considerable amount of Democratic votes to any campaign, and many of the provisional ballots yet to be tabulated, come from OSU students.  Naturally, it is important for Kilroy to wave the OSU banner, not solely out of respect for the hometown team, but to energize a significant voting bloc – and to ensure that as many of those students’ votes as possible, are counted.

As a result, the Ohio/15th CD ranks with the Florida/13th (the open seat vacated by GOPRep. Katharine Harris) as – far and away -the two most compelling stories, of Post-Election 2006.  In both campaigns, there are large numbers of potential election-swinging votes in controversy.  Likewise, according to an article in the Columbus Dispatch, there appears to be little hope that a resolution will come, before the Thanksgiving holiday on November 23, 16 days after the polls closed.  More coverage will be forthcoming, as events warrant.

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