by Craig Dimitri

In a bright spot for Republicans, Rep. Heather Wilson (R) has been officially re-elected to a fifth full term in New Mexico’s 1st CD.  On Friday, the last county in the CD to recount – Bernalillo County – completed its tally.  Madrid gained what I estimate to be about 285 votes in that county, far short of what she needed to make up the 1,164-ballot gap between herself and the Republican incumbent, before Bernalillo completed its count.  The results indicated that Wilson overcame the national tide and managed a narrow 879-vote victory over New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid (D).

Madrid has refused to concede, but there is now no chance of victory, after 10 days or recounting, and Madrid will eventually do so.  In a sure sign that the clock has run out on Madrid’s chances of going to Congress, local Democrats are already criticizing the campaign for failing to take advantage of the national anti-Republican mood and oust Wilson, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Wilson’s margin of victory dipped considerably from her 2002 and 2004 re-election bids, which she won by almost 11% and almost 9%, respectively, and in the latter she won handily even though Democrat John F. Kerry narrowly carried the First CD. 

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