by Craig Dimitri

Heading into the election, one of the Republicans perceived to be vulnerable, was Rep. Heather Wilson of New Mexico.  But she always wins; after replacing a deceased Republican in 1998, she has won four terms in her own right.  In 2002 and 2004, she easily defeated her Democratic challengers, winning by nearly 11% in 2002 and nearly 9%, two years ago, in spite of the fact that John F. Kerry narrowly carried her district by 3%. 

However, this year, going into Election Day, Wilson trailed her Democratic challenger in independent polling by MajorityWatch.   But it appears that Wilson will in fact survive the 2006 election, winning a fifth term  – moreover, in a year when the Democratic tidal wave washed out scores of Republicans. 

Ten days after the voting on November 7, Wilson leads her challenger, New Mexico Attorney General Patricia Madrid (D), by 1,164 votes.  One week ago, Wilson declared victory, according to the New Mexican newspaper, but Madrid has refused to concede.

The holdup in the resolution, is the tabulation of various and sundry provisional ballots in Bernalillo County.  The county’s staff has a deadline of 9 PM Friday, November 17, in order to finish counting, what I estimate, to be about 2,000 uncounted ballots.  Obviously, Madrid would need to win a huge majority of them, in order to overtake Wilson’s 1,164 lead, but Madrid indicated that she would not concede, until they were counted.  The New Mexico/1st CD is one of a half-dozen seats nationally, held by Republicans, that are still unresolved. 

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