by Craig Dimitri

U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes (R) has apparently eked out a victory in his bid for a fifth term, in the N.C./8th CD, by a mere 339 votes, over challenger Larry Kissell (D) – in a district in which over 121,000 ballots were cast.

The district, which sprawls across southern North Carolina near the South Carolina border and also encompasses parts of the city of Charlotte in Mecklenburg County, is one of only six districts remaining where partisan control has yet to be determined.  The news came as a bit of a surprise, since heading into Friday, Mecklenburg County was the tenth – and final – 8th CD county to certify its totals – and Kissell had won by a greater than 2-1 margin there on Election Day, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.  Accordingly, it was believed that Kissell might find the ballots there to wipe out Hayes’ lead, and send another Republican incumbent to defeat.  But Mecklenburg’s provisional ballots netted out only an additional 66 votes for Kissell, and he still trails by 339 votes.

Kissell has asked for a full recount, to which he is legally entitled since the margin of victory was well under the 1% threshold required by North Carolina law.  Hayes claimed victory on Election Night, November 7, when unofficial returns showed him leading Kissell by a slightly larger margin of 450 votes.

Current standings –

Hayes (R)           60,913

Kissell (D)          60,574 

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