by Craig Dimitri

The recount in the most bizarre post-Election Night 2006 congressional campaign came to an end on Friday – and in a rare genuine display of bipartisanship, the House permitted both Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings to appear in the official photos, for their respective parties’ freshmen – and both are attending sessions for those elected.  But come January, only one will be seated, and this one’s still not over…

The crux of the dispute is not only the 369-vote lead still enjoyed by Buchanan.  In Sarasota County, one of five in the 13th CD, 18,000 voters did not record a vote in the 13th CD contest – about 13% of the voters in that county.  In contrast, in the other four counties, less than 5% didn’t bother voting in the House contest – and therein lies the legal challenge that will be coming from the Jennings campaign, according to the’s Special Section on the recount.

On Monday, the state of Florida will certify Buchanan as the winner  – and following the familiar script from 2000, Jennings will then have 10 days to challenge the results, which she will certainly do.  The Jennings campaign’s position is that the unusually high undervote total in Sarasota County resulted from a mechanical failure in the voting machines, whereas Buchanan’s campaign believes that voters simply did not cast ballots (or if they did, that no remedy exists, since there is no way to conclusively determine the candidate for whom they were cast.)

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