by Craig Dimitri

Rep. Katharine Harris (R) – most famous for her role in the 2000 Florida recount, which determined the presidential election – was defeated in her bid for the U.S. Senate.  But proving that the political gods have a sense of humor, the U.S. House seat which Harris vacated, is now subject to a recount, ironically conducted by rules enacted after the 2000 recount.   Vern Buchanan (R) leads Christine Jennings (D) by 373 votes in the 13th CD, which is the southwestern Florida coast, with cities such as Bradenton and Sarasota.

Current Fla.-13th CD election results, as reported by the AP:

Buchanan (R)  119,102 – 50.07%

Jennings (D)   118,729 – 49.92%

Total ballots cast – 237,831 – 100%

With Buchanan’s lead at only around 0.15%, according to Florida law, there will be two separate recounts.  The law stipulates that in any election decided by less than 0.5%, a machine recount is necessary; if it is less thatn 0.25%, a manual recount is also required. 

Buchanan’s official campaign site has already declared victory, but Jennings has not conceded, alleging that there were problems with vote tabulation in Sarasota County.

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Jennings official site –  

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