by Craig Dimitri

The nation’s closest House race (of the 435 at stake on November 7) has finally been concluded.  On Wednesday, Nov. 15, three-term Rep. Rob Simmons (R) formally – and with great dignity and class – conceded defeat to Rep.-Elect Joe Courtney (D).  The Democratic challenger has been certified by the state of Connecticut as the winner, by just 90 votes, out of nearly 250,000 cast.  Courtney’s victory was well below 4/100ths of one percentage point. 

Courtney’s lead was announced on Election Night as 167, and it vacillated from 66 to 166 for the ensuing week, but Simmons never took the lead at any point during the week-long recount.  The Hartford Courant reported on Thursday, that the 63-year-old Stonington Republican told supporters in his Mystic campaign office, that he did not wish to contest the results in the 2nd District.  This same district in 1994 saw the Democratic incumbent, Rep. Sam Gejdenson, prevail in a protracted victory over Republican Ed Munster by just 21 votes, after extensive legal proceedings following the election.  Simmons had held the seat, since defeating Gejdenson in 2000.

The ConnecticutLocalPolitics blog has been enormously helpful in the coverage of this contest, which has now finally come to an end.

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