by Craig Dimitri

Electoral chaos, in the nation’s closest result of the 435 House races, continued on Monday, November 13.  In the afternoon, Rep. Rob Simmons (R) had zoomed from 166 votes down to just 66, due to an error. But Monday night, a second error, this time in Lyme, turned out to have provided Simmons with an additional 40 votes.  So challenger Joe Courtney (D) now leads in the Conn./2nd CD by 106 votes, out of nearly a quarter-million cast.

As noted above, the correction of the second error, in the town of Lyme (famous for the disease named after the place of its discovery), was in favor of Courtney.  An election worker mistakenly wrote down an inaccurate number of votes for Simmons, when a number from a voting machine was called, thus providing Simmons with 40 extra votes – and thus extending Courtney’s lead to 106.

The AP has reported that there are still nine other additional House contests which are unresolved, but this one is far and away the closest.  And time is running out for Simmons.  The remaining municipalities, who have yet to recount, have only till midnight on Wednesday, November 15, to submit their results to the state of Connecticut’s Secretary of State.

Current Scoreboard, As of Tuesday Morning, November 14, 2006

Courtney (D) 121,221 – 50.01%

Simmons (R) 121,115 – 49.99%

Total ballots cast: 242,336 – 100% (Courtney leads by 106 votes)

(Note: this may not be the accurate count, as the Connecticut Secretary of State’s election results page is temporarily inoperable.  Courtney’s 106 vote lead is accurate, but the absolute vote totals may be off slightly.)

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