by Craig Dimitri

On Election Night, the unofficial tally showed a 167-vote margin (less than 4/100ths of 1%) held by challenger Joe Courtney (D) over Rep. Rob Simmons (R) in the Conn./2nd CD.  Over the weekend, Simmons’ hopes dwindled, as a legally-mandated recount garnered him only a single vote, shaving the lead to 166.  But on Monday, a mathematical error was discovered, showing an erroneous 100 votes awarded to Courtney – and so it is still too close to call, six days after the election. 

As of Monday morning, Nov. 13, it had appeared that the closest congressional-seat margin in the nation in 2006 – the 167-vote lead for Courtney announced on Election Night – would hold up.  Courtney declared victory on Wednesday, November 8, and began preparations to serve in the House and vote in the Democratic caucus.  Although Simmons has not conceded the outcome, Simmons’ campaign did not object to these steps.  In light of that fact, it seemed clear to most observers, that Simmons would be yet another New England Republican buried in the Democratic landslide of 2006.  Over the weekend, over 20 towns in the district had recounted and Simmons had picked up only one ballot.

But according to “Genghis Conn“, the author of Connecticut Local Politics, the definitive blog on the subject- “Hang on to your hats, folks, this one is still not over.” Genghis Conn posted on Monday afternoon, that the Hartford Courant had reported that a simple mathematical error had given Courtney an extra 100 votes, in the town of Lebanon.  Courtney is now clinging to a 66-vote lead, out of nearly a quarter of a million ballots cast.  Uncertainty continues to reign in this district, one of only several House contests, of the 435 at stake, to remain unresolved.

Current Scoreboard, As of Monday Night, November 13

Courtney (D) 121,221 – 50.01%

Simmons (R) 121,155 – 49.99%

Total ballots cast: 242,376 – 100%

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