by Craig Dimitri

The recount chaos in Connecticut’s 2nd CD continued on Tuesday, when Rep. Rob Simmons (R) moved 31 votes closer to victory, after a recount in the town of Waterford demonstrated that the town had erroneously given his Democratic challenger, Joe Courtney, that number of additional ballots.  That would appear to close the gap between him and Courtney to just 75 votes, out of nearly a quarter-million ballots cast.

An anonymous comment by the name of “disgruntled_republican“, posted on the blog Connecticut Local Politics, first put this development front and center.  Another anonymous poster documented the story, by noting that it was initially reported in the Connecticut newspaper The Day, which is linked at the bottom of this story.

According to The Day, on Monday evening, Waterford officials found “a transcription error” that had erroneously awarded 31 additional votes to Courtney’s total.  As of this morning, Tuesday, Courtney was reportedly up by just 106 votes, and now leads by just 75, with more recounts taking place today in other towns.

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