by Craig Dimitri

The clock has finally struck midnight, for the re-election hopes of three-term Rep. Rob Simmons (R) in the Conn./2nd CD. But perhaps fittingly, nobody can agree on the exact margin, as the AP and both parties all disagree as to the number. After a week-long recount, in which Democratic challenger Joe Courtney‘s lead fluctuated from 167 votes (Election Night) to 66 (some point on Monday November 13), as well as various numbers within that range, Courtney has finally been declared the winner – by 91 votes (AP), 93 votes (Democrats), or 96 votes (Republicans) – out of nearly 250,000 cast.

Whatever the exact margin, it was exceptionally close, with Courtney’s victory coming by about two-hundredths of a single percentage point. It was another disappointing outcome for Connecticut Republicans, who saw another incumbent defeated on Election Night – 12-term Rep. Nancy Johnson, and another veteran, Rep. Christopher Shays, barely survive.

Simmons has a press conference scheduled for Wednesday, where he would presumably concede, although no plan for concession has been formally announced. (As with all recounts, legal action is always possible.) “Genghis Conn“, publisher of the blog ConnecticutLocalPolitics, posted at 9:45 PM EST, that the AP had declared Courtney the winner, more than a week after the polls closed in eastern Connecticut.

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