US Embassy Banjul revamps the lives of Gambian Children!

US Envoy

By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul.
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If you’ve been visiting the Home for Children with Learning Disabilities, you may not believe your eyes when you visit the place after a frantic refurbishment exercise there by officers of the US Embassy and their families. The staffers at the US Embassy and their families last Monday pounced on the home, rehabilitating the roofing and windows which were until then gateways for rain. The much-appreciated exercise was conducted through a benevolent gesture from the J.Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust.

A press release from the US Embassy disclosed that furniture, gas cooker and other equipment were also donated to the school. The intervention, according to the release, was designed to improve living conditions for the children in the home. The project, the release went on, was part of sustained efforts by the US Embassy in Banjul to foster cooperation and understanding between The Gambia and America. The home was established in 2001 as a non-profit centre for children with special needs.

The facility has registered 30 children but could only accommodate 20. The Director of the centre, Mr. Geoffrey Hunwicks, provides basic education and life skills instructions to help the children live productive lives, despite their disabilities. Mr. and Mrs.  Hunwicks as well as Mr. Ousman Gaye, a board member of the home, all thanked the US Embassy for the gesture and urged other embassies and organizations to emulate it.

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