REXANO,  Editorial by Tim Cole

A congresswoman from Guam just introduced a new federal bill titled “The Non-Native Wildlife Invasion Prevention Act”, HR 669, that would in effect ban many common household pets and educational animals for no good reason.

I oppose HR669.

This Bill is not based in science, but in the ideology of powerful special interest animal rights (AR) groups. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that banning the import, sale and trade of any of these animals will have any positive effect on the economy, environment, or human or animal species health.

In fact, if passed it would destroy many families and businesses. It would have a decidedly negative impact on an already ailing economy by destroying a vital and growing industry at a time when our country is in need of jobs and growth. The USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service) has just made changes to the CITES export permit process which would allow quality captive bred animals to be more easily exported to international customers. Passing HR669 would negate all the work USFWS has done for over a year. This Bill is a disaster to American small business and families in a time of economic hardship.

I feel that our native wildlife is already in peril from an existing problem of FERAL CATS! This is a real problem that is here and needs to be addressed. Why spend time/money going after an imaginary problem that MIGHT happen when we do have a problem already here
I will not support this bill and groups who are taking the stand of animal rights groups that are not educated about the real problems as I see them.

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