In a tweak of US policy, the US military commander in Iraq, General David Petraeus, stated in a press conference that force (i.e.the US Military presence in Iraq) is not enough to defeat the insurgency in Iraq. This is an evolution of the policy in Iraq from its earlier approach where the official statement was that the insurgency can be defeated through military means. This approach continued for a long time, even upto the time when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed by the US military.

To some extent, the US position has been that peace can only be fully possible when the Sunni minority feels themselves to be part of the political structure of the country. However, this has always been tempered by the logic that the insurgency is essentially being run by a combination of former Baathists and foreign fighters bowing allegiance to Al-Qaeda.

This promises a new approach to try to temper the insurgency by involving the Sunni parties, including possibly involving actual militants who have the blood of numerous Iraqis and Americans on their hands. Going down this route will be difficult, since there will be a number of militants who are deadly against the US and anybody who supports them. Preventing them from attaching Shias (and triggering another round of violent backlash) remains one of the most difficult of the tasks facing the US and Iraqi governments. However, there is no alternative to such an approach.

This article is based on the following CNN report.

Ashish writes at Musings of a Modern Man.

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