One of the American Border Patrol’s entry identification team sites near, Sasabe, Arizona, was overrun Wednesday night on the boarder near Mexico. A large number of gunmen attacked this site in the West Desert Region of Arizona at approximately 11:00 p.m. US National Guardsmen staff and operate that site, and they retreated. The Border Patrol will not say whether shots were fired or not, but that the attackers quickly fled back into Mexico. The Border Patrol says the event occurred in the 120-mile section of the US-Mexico border between Nogales and Lukeville that is known at a drug corridor. In 2006, 124,000 pounds of illegal drugs were confiscated there.

Armed volunteers have joined the fray in order to stand with the Sasabe National Guardsmen on their patrol rounds, until more troops are dispatched or other backup is sent. Recent studies show that the number of deaths resulting from the crimes of illegal aliens in the US ranges from 12 to 25 lives every day. That’s up to 9,125 lives lost per year, directly related to illegal immigration. At the same time, US Social Security funds are to be sent to Mexico to compensate illegal aliens working in America. This is a problem situation that must be eliminated.


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