The US administration has in the past refused to acknowledge that global warming is caused by human intervention. The science for this is fairly consistent, and believed by a wide cross-section of scientists. There are of course a small section of scientists who do not yet see a direct link and believe that any global warming is caused due to natural reasons and not directly attritutable to human activities. There is a book by Michael Crichton called ‘State of Fear’ that calls this entire push about humankind contributing to global warming as a deception. I read this book which puts together an impressive array of facts, and I also read studies and articles by different scientists that talks about humans precipitating global warming, and am more convinced by the scientists.

The evidence of global warming is convincing, what with melting ice caps, retreating glaciers, increased temperature levels, and a wide variety of other evidence. There was a release earlier this month of the summary of a scientific report on global warming, and the conclusion was that global warming and its consequences across the world will be very bad. Humankind has to agree to take measures to reduce this impact, and although this will have economic consequences, the consequences of not doing anything will be even greater. The impact will be on water resources, coastal areas, global weather (hurricanes, cyclones, etc), water currents, etc.

The US administration deeply refuses to acknowledge (I don’t know whether they believe it) that humans have contributed to global warming and that urgent action is required. Read the excerpt of this interview:

INTERVIEWER: But what’s your sense, where is the science on this? Is global warming a fact? And is it human activity that is causing global warming?

CHENEY: Those are the two key questions. I think there’s an emerging consensus that we do have global warming. You can look at the data on that, and I think clearly we’re in a period of warming. Where there does not appear to be a consensus, where it begins to break down, is the extent to which that’s part of a normal cycle versus the extent to which it’s caused by man, greenhouse gases, et cetera.

Because the nature of climate and weather is so complex (after all, there is a need for the most powerful computers in the world to work out the equations), it will be difficult to develop an equation that directly correlates the effect of human emissions on global warming. The hope is that that the next administration does more on this critical subject.

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