Well, maybe; in New York this year, Black cats are in luck as far as being adopted goes!

I’d love to see the fears about black cats being in special danger over Halloween being roundly debunked, and I hope that this story is a harbinger. I read the same story every year, in my home town, and from on-line sources: Shelters putting a stop to adoptions of black cats over Halloween because of fear they are going to be abused in vile Satanic rituals. Same old storey, every year, lots of concern and apprehension, but very little in the way of concrete evidence. It’s getting to be kind of like all those stories of ritual Satanic abuse in day care centers; also something that there were a lot of stories about… just no real, verifiable incidents.

Not to say there aren’t real incidents of cats being abused and tortured; but the sickos that do it don’t confine themselves to Halloween. They’re ecumenical that way, and I suspect the availability of the cat tormented has more to do than the color of it.

So, why do we get this spate of stories every year, about cats? This explanation seems most sensible, actually; it’s a chance to publish or air a cute kitty picture!

“Sgt Mom” is a freelance writer and retired Air Force NCO, who blogs at www.sgtstryker.com, and lives in San Antonio, Texas.

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