I should think it would upset ALL parents

Imagine the scene … your junior high (or high) school student is sitting in class. Suddenly, the door bursts open and armed officers in full riot gear storm into the classroom and order everyone into the hall, claiming there is a threat to the school. Once in the hall, students are patted down and asked what they have in their pockets.

Then, you learn there was no threat to the school, it was all a “drill” that neither parents nor students were warned might happen. In fact, teachers weren’t even informed until mere moments beforehand.

Sound farfetched? It happened, in the town of Wyoming, Michigan, at the Junior High and High Schools.

One parent with four children between the two schools said that some of the kids were so frightened, they just about wet themselves. Another parent said her eighth-grade student was in the hall with his face pressed against the wall, and that the drill went too far.

“I think this is the best way to do it,” [Principal] Britten said. “We’re not looking to scare anyone, but we want a sense of urgency.”

But Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said his officers were not aware students and parents were not told. He said his department will mandate that parents be notified ahead of time in the future.

“The purpose was to show how we will evacuate the classroom, not to assault the classroom,” Carmody said.

Yet another reason to homeschool.

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My Way News – School Safety Drill Upsets Some Parents

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