A manhunt set out for an Illinois murder suspect ended with success Tuesday when authorities captured the man outside a bar in Granite City, Illinois, about 10 miles north of St. Louis Mo.

Nicholas Sheley,28,was arrested after he had been recognized by a customer inside the bar. The customer, Gary Range, notified a police officer that was parked in the parking lot outside. He gave the description of Sheley to the officer that knew right away it was him. He called into his dispatcher and soon the place was surrounded by the police. Sheley was outside the bar smoking a cigarette when the police arrested him without a fight.

Sheley is wanted for the murders of 8 people including a 2 year old boy and a 93 year old man. They were either beaten or hacked to death.

The FBI had issued a manhunt on Sheley Monday warning people that Sheley may have been armed and dangerous. They requested anyone that might have spotted him not to approach him themselves but to call the police.
Sheley started on his killing spree when he beat , Russell Reed, a 93 year old man from Sterling, Illinois, to death and put him in the trunk of his car. Authorities discovered the man’s body Thursday.
Monday two more bodies, Jill and Tom Estes, from Sherwood, Arkansas were found dead behind a gas station in Festus, Mo, after their dogs were found wandering around in a hotel parking lot with blood all over them.
By noon Monday Ronald Randall, 65, was found beaten to death behind a grocery store in Galesburg, Illinois about 200 miles southwest of Chicago. A stolen truck, registered to Randall was recovered Sunday in Festus near Anheuser Busch distribution plant.

Then later Monday police found the bodies of two men, identified as Brock Branson, 29, and Kenneth Ulvey, 25, and a woman, 20 year old Kilynna Blake, and a 2 year old child, Dayan Blake in an apartment near Rock Falls Illinois. They think they were killed either late Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Sgt. Tom Burek of the Illinois State Police said they are pretty sure that one of the four victims in Rock Falls was an acquaintance of Sheley’s but the rest appear to be picked at random.

Jan Barrett

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