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If there was any doubt about judge Ellen Clark not being a party to what nearly amounts to free pass for an alleged violent rapist she has erased it this week.

The sheriff’s office and the prosecutor amended the complaint before the judge to include two additional counts of 1st degree rape, and one count of 1st degree assault.

Judge Clark had the perfect opportunity and I argue the obligation with the additional charges to raise the bail amount. She did not do anything left him out on $20,000.00 bail. By doing so she is sending a message to a judge or jury that hears this case that this was not a big deal.

Before this case is ever heard in court this judge has corrupted the system and gone out of her way to influence the future of this case. Monday morning I will be filing a formal complaint with the Commission on Judicial Conduct.

This judge’s failure to take serious the actions of this suspected rapist due to her friendship with his sister in-law undermines the rule of law. Her actions are very much like those that led to the deaths of the four Lakewood officers.

Judges failing to take their responsibility seriously and protect the public in this state has led to the horrific crime in Pierce County.

This was not a minor crime this individual stands accused of committing.

Short of murder which easily could have occurred here this suspect allegedly committed one of the most heinous crimes we punish in this country.

It has come to my attention that this suspect has record within the military for spousal abuse, domestic violence, as well as other non judicial punishments that Jennifer L. Fassbender was aware of prior to these proceeding.

It would seem that as an officer of the court she would have an obligation under her code of ethics to make the suspect prior bad acts a part of the record the judge would review before setting bail?

All of this will be up to the Commission on Judicial Conduct to decide. Ultimately the public if they are ever told about this will have to decide if they want these people for judges in the future.

Not surprisingly the Spokesman Review newspaper covered the hearing where the charges were added but failed to mention now he’s facing four major felonies and his bail is still only $20,000.00 about what you’d get for your second shoplifting offense.
After endorsing her three times they’re not about to point out to the public that Fassbender is the brother in-law and lives with a judge. As other people might ask why this guys bail is so ridiculously low.

Answer: oh because he’s the brother in-law and lives with a judge.

Like rotten fish this cases sticks of judicial misconduct of favoritism. It smells of the local newspaper not running a story because the powers to be happen to like the judge.

The same paper that frequently tries to fillet any law enforcement officers it sets its sights on is not willing to run a story on possible judicial misconduct.

It has to make you wonder just a little about what other stories that go on in this city that are filtered through the Spokesman Reviews tinted glasses and the public never finds about them?

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