Triggerman pleads guilty

Back in January, Grant Everson and his friend Joel Beckrich went to Grant’s home armed with box cuttrs and a shotgun.  The plan was that they would slit Grant’s parents’ throats.  Afterwards, Grant would collect a large sum of insurance money, together with his sister, Nicole, who lived in Colorado.

Frant and three of his pals (including Beckrich) would take Grant’s half of the money and move to Amsterdam.  There, they’d iopen up a coffee shop where they could sell marijuana.

When Grant and Joel got to the house, Nancy Everson, Grant’s mom, woke up and confronted the boys.  Grant lost his nerve and told Joel he’d have to shoot her.  Joel asked her if she wanted it in the head or chest and then shot her in the face from about 5 feet away.  Grant’s father woke during the confrontation and escaped through a closet window where he fled to safety and called authorities from a neighbor’s home.

Unfortunately for Grant, Tom Everson knew full well who the voices belonged to, and the two boys were picked up shortly thereafter.  Their two friends were picked up later on, and charged as accessories.

On Wednesday, Joel Beckrich entered a guilty plea to charges of intentional second degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.  Under the plea agreement, which still awaits approval by Judge Philip T. Kanning, Beckrich will be sentenced to 45-years with at least 30-years to be served before he will be eligible for parole.  In addition, he has agreed to testify against Grant Everson at Grant’s trial, which is set to begin on November 13.

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