masasarah-ross1.jpgMasaraha Ross, 3 years old was reported missing late last Wednesday afternoon along with her 29 year old mother, Ronkeya Holmes. The Winter Haven Police department has reason to believe they might be in danger. Now the FBI has been called in to help with the search for them.

Holmes was living in Savannah Georgia with her mother at the time she went missing. She went to Florida to pick her daughter up who had been staying with her father. She has not been seen since.

Holmes’s mother, Edith Fletcher says her daughter let the baby stay with her father in Winter Haven, Florida while she attending classes at Savannah Technical College. She says when time came for Holmes to pick her daughter up from her father, Lester Ross, something just didn’t feel right.

“She would call and say let me talk to Masaraha or I am coming to get her,” said Fletcher. “He would always say she is sleeping or out of town. Months went by and I told her to just go and get her and when she got there he wouldn’t give her to her.”

masasarah-ross2.jpgHolmes filed a police report in Winter Haven and then went back home to Savannah only to return on October 18, 2009. She was supposed to meet Lester at the Haines City Wal-Mart there to pick up her daughter. Fletcher says she hasn’t seen the two of them since.  She doesn’t think they ever met at the Wal-Mart. Surveillance a tape from the Wal-Mart doesn’t show him there at all even though Fletcher swears he took her there.

Later that night Lester’s cousin was found driving Holmes’s car which is a blue Ford Escort. They found Holmes’s luggage on the front seat and her college badge hanging from the rear view mirror and several children’s items in the back seat. Fletcher thinks they planted those things there to cover up for something. She says she continues waiting by her phone hoping for a call but she prays she doesn’t get that certain call.

Authorities are saying they are getting conflicting stories and Wilcox and Ross are no longer communicating with them. As of right now the mother and child are both considered “endangered”.

Something sure sounds fishy to me. I would like to know how Wilcox came about Holmes’s car to begin with. He must know something about where Ronkeya and Masaraha are.

I hope this young mother and child are found soon. Something sure isn’t right about this whole thing. I agree with Edith Fletcher. My prayers are with her that her daughter and granddaughter are safe.

Once again I list all the children we need to remember just being reported on here at BNN. Caylee Anthony, Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Somer Thompson, Elizabeth Olten, Masaraha Ross, Shannon Dedrick, Alex Mercado and Rebecca Marie Allen. Please say a prayer for those that are missing are found soon and those that have been taken from us may rest in peace after getting the justice that they deserve. I know there are others missing too but I can’t name all of them even though I wish I could but I can pray for them as well which I do.

Jan Barrett

An Update on this case has been posted here

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