An Amber Alert was issued for a little girl from Gary, Indiana when her mother’s boyfriend took off with her. Naomi Primos was last seen at 11:30 am on March 2, 2010 and police thought her to be in extreme danger.

Nelson Chew, 44, left driving Primos’s car which police spotted in Chicago Heights, Illinois on Wednesday afternoon and they found Naomi inside the car unharmed. She was brought back to her mother who was going to take her to the hospital to have her examined to be sure she was fine.

Chew dropped Jackie Primos off at work and was supposed to be spending the rest of the afternoon running errands taking the child with him. They were all supposed to go to choir practice that night but when he didn’t return home that night Jackie Primos started worrying and called the police.

Chew told the police that he was just too high and drunk to be able to drive the child home. He was taken in for questioning but Gary Police Cpl. Gabrielle King wasn’t sure if any charges were forthcoming. He was however released Thursday from local police custody.

The Department of Family and Social Services has been called and asked to evaluate the home where Naomi lives. Police were called when Chew arrived at the home Thursday to get his things and were present when he gathered his clothes and there were no problems.

I sure hope this child’s mother realizes the danger her daughter was put in when she allowed this man to take off with her. The man admitted he had been in a drug house, drinking and smoking crack cocaine and that he was too drunk and messed up to drive. Surely if he were on drugs she had to have known it and if she didn’t I hope she keeps him away from Naomi now. I sincerely hope that the Dept of Family and Social Services does a thorough investigation and that this little girl is never allowed to be back in harm’s way again.

I am happy little Naomi was found unharmed though, thank God. That alone is a lot to be thankful for. If only all the other missing children cases could end this way. I can only imagine how relieved her mother and family were to find out she was OK.

Jan Barrett

Note: I reported on the previous article that Naomi was 4 years old but apparently my information was wrong. Now they are saying she is only 3 years old.

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