luis-martinez.jpgThis morning I wrote an article about little 2 year old Luis Martinez missing from Valrico Florida. His parents, Juan Martinez and Rosalina Ramirez reported him missing around 3 pm Friday.

Authorities along with hundreds of volunteers started searching for little Luis Friday afternoon and started again Saturday morning. They were using dogs, horses and even helicopters looking for him.

Hillsborough County Sheriff, David Gee said they found the body of the two year old child in a septic tank behind a vacant mobile home, Saturday afternoon. “We have the body of the small child in the hole,” said Gee at a news conference. “Right now we are not able to open that for a little while.”

It was later confirmed by the county medical examiner that it was indeed the body of little Luis Martinez. I heard about a body being found but I was waiting for confirmation before writing this. My heart is aching for his family.

It was brought to the attention about the septic tank when a Dover based septic tank company was hired to suction the tank out. Apparently the tank’s cover had an unsealed drain hole which some came to the conclusion the boy could have fallen into it. Gee said that grass had grown over the septic tank near the area where the child was last seen playing. The septic tank had a takeout plug about 11 inches in diameter that had probably been missing for several years. The sheriff said the grass had grown over it and it was very difficult to see.

Little Luis often played at the neighbor’s house. According to Col. Greg Brown, “He had the run of the place.” Brown said the child went to the neighbor’s home to get some ice cream from them Friday.

A candlelight vigil was held tonight after his body was found. Once again my heart goes to the family of Luis Martinez. Please pray for them.  Such a precious child they had. May God be with them all.

Jan Barrett

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