Wonder if the Sheriff’s Captain will get in trouble for this?

Remember Jessica Coleman? Jessica was 15 back in 1999 when she gave birth to a baby boy. Problem was, Jessica didn’t want a baby. And she didn’t want anyone to know she’d had a baby. So, she beat and stabbed her newborn son with scissors and gave his tiny body to her boyfriend, Thomas Truelson. He stuffed the body into a rock-filled duffle bag and tossed it into a flooded quarry.

Six months later, the baby’s body was found and for years no one knew who he was. He became known as “Baby Boy Hope.” And there it might have stayed, except that Jessica eventually confessed her crime to her current boyfriend, Matthew McKenzie, in May of 2005. Matt told a friend and couple of relatives and one of them went to the police.

Truelson could have gotten anything from five years’ probation to 11 years. He was eventually sentenced to two years, Jessica got three times that — six years. She could have gotten five years’ probation to 24 years. She has, of course, appealed her sentence.

Back in September, Oprah wanted to interview Jessica, but state prison officials said no. They don’t believe that prisoners should serve as celebrity champions on issues they’re serving time for.

Jessica’s attorney requested that her sentence be reconsidered, so Jessica was brought to a Lorain County Jail to await that hearing. The prosecutor objected, stating that Jessica’s appeal should be heard before the length of the sentence is reconsidered. The Judge agreed, and the hearing was postponed.

During the time that Jessica was in the county jail, however, Lorain County Sheriff’s Captain James Drozdowski decided he didn’t agree with the state’s position, and he approved of the interview.

Lorain County Sheriff’s Capt. James Drozdowski said that is because he doesn’t share the state’s philosophy.

“Hopefully, something good is going to come out of something bad. If it saves one kid, to me, it was worth it,” he said.

If it’s your job, will it still be worth it, Jim?

The interview will air Friday at 4:00 p.m. Jessica’s interview took place via satellite. She will talk about the importance of safe haven laws. The Judge, a Sheriff’s Detective and Jessica’s current boyfriend, Matt, also appear on the show courtesy of Oprah Winfrey, who flew them in for the taping back in September.

Would a safe haven law have saved that baby’s life? Would she have taken the baby to a safe drop point and left him, rather than viciously stab him to death? Personally, I doubt it, but that’s just me. There’s really no way for anyone — including Jessica — to say for sure, of course, but I’m betting Jessica will milk it for everything and will tearfully tell us all how if only she’d had that option available, why, she’d have taken it. Anything to shift the blame.

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