monicawilliams.gifIn August of 1979 an innocent little girl just shy of her first birthday was raped and beaten by a man named Christopher Cooper. This precious little girl laid in her hospital bed fighting for her life for five days before she finally lost her battle and died on August 21, 1979.

Monica’s mother sent out a plea at the beginning of November asking for the help from the public. Cooper was convicted of killing Monica and of raping her but he was coming up to face a parole board to try and get out of prison. She needed everyone to write a handwritten letter to the Ohio Board of Parole and request that inmate #A158707, Christopher Cooper not be set free. The letters needed to be signed and dated and a return envelope should have been enclosed by December 1, 2009.

Monica’s mother, Becky Potter from Findlay, Ohio said, “I need to keep him in prison for this. There is no excuse, not excuse and as long as I’m able to walk and my jaw is able to flap you will hear from me.”

Becky knew Cooper as he was her older son’s uncle and her ex-brother in law. She asked him to sit with Monica while she went to have a cup of coffee with a friend. She put the baby down for a nap thinking she would stay sleeping until she got home. It still isn’t clear exactly what happened during the approximate 30 minutes Becky was gone. They only know that this baby suffered more in that brief time than most people suffer in a lifetime.

When Becky returned Monica was unresponsive when her mother tried to pick her up. Becky noticed bruises all over the child’s neck so she rushed her to the ER. Once at the hospital they found her tiny body covered from head to toe with bruises and hickey marks. Although this baby was a fighter, she just wasn’t strong enough to hang on and she lost the battle to live after 5 days.

cooper.gifChristopher Cooper was charged with murder and it was determined when they found his bodily fluids inside Monica that he also had raped her. In 1980 he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. The death penalty wasn’t an option in the state of Ohio in 1979. Cooper never once tried to deny his crime and has to this day never offered any apologies, not that it would do any good.

Cooper has not only been convicted of raping and killing Monica, they have determined that he is the most dangerous of sex offenders, a sexual predator. My question is why this man would even be standing before a parole board anyway. If our courts are going to sentence someone to life in prison that is exactly what they should serve. They should never be allowed back on the streets again.

Well thank God this time his parole was denied so hopefully the letters and requests to keep him in jail has worked. He won’t have another chance to stand before the board again until 1014 and I plan to write another letter to stop it again. Prisoners like this should not even be eligible for parole. I pray that one day the laws will be changed. How many more convicts released early go right out and commit the same crimes again? How many will it take for our congressman to see that releasing these people is wrong. If they are sentenced to life make them serve the full time. If they get the death penalty make them pay the price that they get for the crime they have committed. It won’t bring their victims back but it sure will give the victim’s family some peace and closure.

Thanks to all of you that helped keep this animal behind bars.

Jan Barrett

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