Santa Fe New Mexico singer and songwriter Jaime Michaels will be joining me at 2pm Eastern on Friday Feb/11 to talk about his newly released CD The Man With The Time Machine.

This is Jaime’s eighth CD and each just gets better and better. He first hit my radar a couple of months ago when he released a very unique single Black River. Not only is it an outstanding song it is one with a wonderful story behind it. It was specifically written as a way to help the Gulf residents in their recovery effort following the oil spill. All proceeds from the record are going to a gulf region charity. In a conversation with Jaime Michaels he explained that everyone involved with the project had volunteered their time and expertise, the studio, the engineers, the musicians, and even the CD cover designer. With no costs to cover, the entire sales proceeds would be going to support the Gulf recovery.

I was so impressed with his altruism. So few people act in such an selfless way in this day and age.

He also kindly offered to send me a copy of his new CD The Man With The Time Machine as soon as it was completed. Good to his word a couple of weeks ago it turned up in my mail box.

It is a truly great album. As a reviewer there is also a subconscious need to place musicians in little boxes called genres. Doing that with Jaime Michaels is akin to nailing Jello to the ceiling. It might be country, but it isn’t, it might be Americana, but it isn’t. Jaime Michaels grazes in many different pastures. There are shades of Paul Simon, a dash of Al Stewart, and maybe even a hint of Jimmy Buffet.

Join us tomorrow at 2pm eastern, you can use this link to listen live.

Simon Barrett

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