The name Tommy Roe is one that everyone born prior to 1960 remembers. During the 1960’s Tommy Roe had a string of hits both in the US and elsewhere in the world. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, the songs certainly will. Here is a refresher for you from 1969:


There are many people that credit Tommy Roe as being the pioneer of the music genre Bubblegum Pop. Personally I think that is somewhat unfair, Tommy’s songs certainly were upbeat sing along songs, but they actually were very well constructed musically.

Tommy has agreed to sit down with me on Wednesday Apr/13 to talk about his career. We will be looking at the past, the present, and the future.

Even better, I have just received some tapes from him that we will be sharing on air. When I labels like ‘Master Mix’ appended to a title, I have to admit that I get excited. We will be playing some of these songs on air.

This interview has created an amount of excitement within the Barrett household. Generally Jan and I do not see eye to eye on music genres and she runs a mile from any musician interview that I do. This one however elicited the response:

I want to pick the phone up and say hello to him!

Tommy Roe has decided to play a few selected gigs in the upcoming months, I am hoping that he will be sharing his plans with us.

The broadcast of the interview will be at 6pm eastern apr/13, and the simple way to listen in is by using this link. We will also be recording the program and it will be available to download via iTunes or stream on your computer.

Simon Barrett

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