After we educate the German electorate, that is. An election is coming up in the state of Hesse, after all, and Hessen Boss Roland Koch must be thanking his lucky stars for having been the Auserwählte (chosen one) to accidentally discover “a surge in violent assaults” which has taken place in, uh, Munich (that’s in Bavaria, not Hesse) committed by young and, more importantly, foreign offenders which then led to his transcendent Eingebung (inspiration) and proposal for the construction of German “education camps” for said offenders. All three or four of the offenders in question, I mean.

All it takes is a violent surveillance camera video taken in a Munich train station which caught a Greek and a Turkish youth beating up a German oldie (strange how the Greeks and Turks can’t seem to agree upon anything else otherwise) and you’re in business. Needless to say, just like everywhere else in the world, other than in Iowa maybe, old people in this country (and there’s a whole bunch of those here) vote more than the young people do.

It’s another contrived non-issue, in other words. Not only does Germany have a ridiculously low crime rate by international comparison, it already has all the laws it needs to properly punish all the criminals, young or old, it wants to. That the Germans and their politically über-correct judicial officials don’t have the will to properly punish these criminals with the laws they already have is the real issue. But that’s boring and just doesn’t get the votes.

So when Angie herself jumps in and supports Koch by suddenly discovering deadly Stammtisch statistics like “43 per cent of all violent crimes in Germany are committed by people under 21 years of age and that nearly half of these are from foreign youths”, and after you ask yourself why it is that she wasn’t concerned about these shocking numbers before now, well, then you know for sure that this is just a bunch of well-calculated election noise that will vanish just as quickly as it appeared. Once the election in Hesse is over, that is. Unless Koch wins big again. Than we may have to endure it a bit longer.

I know what you’re thinking, punk. Did he fire off five re-election slogans or six?

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