sebastien-metivier.jpgBetween November 1984 and June of 1985 parents in Montreal, Canada lived in fear because apparently there was an anonymous child killer in their area that would choose his victims at random. He would take his male victims and brutalize them and sexually abuse them. Once he was done with them he would kill them and discard their bodies like trash.

The first known victims to these attacks were 12 year old Wilton Lubin and his friend 8 year old Sébastien Métivier. The two boys disappeared on November 1, 1984. Police located Lubin about a month later dead in the St. Lawrence River. His throat had been slashed. Sébastien was never found though.

Unfortunately these are only two of the victims of this serial killer but there were several others. After being accused of not appearing to be even acknowledging these cases, Detective Sgt. Gilles Boyer stated that all sixteen members of the Montreal homicide squad were involved in the manhunt. “We are looking all over…in sewers, everywhere,” he said. “The kids are not that big. They are easy to get rid of.”

Now 27 years later the police are still working on the disappearance of Sébastien Métivier. The boy’s mother might have received a new tip on what might have happened to her son.

Christiane Sirois claims a woman contacted her through her Facebook account telling her she knew what happened to Sébastien. She said after a few correspondences between the two she agreed to meet with the woman. During this meeting the unknown woman told Sirois that her boy was abducted, killed, then his body had been dismembered and buried in a field but she refused to tell her what field her son was buried in. The woman even went as far as naming the killer.

Sorois decided to take this new information to the police, and now they are checking the story out to see if they can verify anything the woman told her. Sirois said that she will doubt the truth until it can be proved to her.

27 years is a long time having a child of your own missing and not having a clue as to where they are. You know you can’t stop living but at the same time your heart aches to see your child again.

I do hope someone isn’t playing with Christiane’s mind by going to her with this new tip. It is so hard to have to live from day to day not knowing but at the same time giving false hope can be really cruel.

Pina Arcamone, of the Missing Children’s Network said they can’t make any assumptions about the credibility of this woman until her story is checked out. Either way though she says Sébastien Métivier’s family will be facing a difficult period while waiting for the police to investigate this new information.

“Our heart, I have to say goes out to the family at this point, because the next few weeks are going to be quite demanding and quite emotional for this family. Will theie worst fears now be confirmed?” she said.

I can’t begin to imagine what this family has been going through. I will keep them in my prayers and I pray they will get the answers they desperately need to hear. They definitely need some closure here. May God be with them all.

Jan Barrett

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