For about a week there have been rumors circulating that those hearty ground breaking explorers who had unlocked their Apple iPhone’s for use on networks other than AT&T were about to face the wrath of Steve Jobs, that threat seems to have become reality. Apples new downgrade to the iPhone software apparently is disabling phones that have been unlocked.

I have long been a fan of Ed Felton’s Freedom To Tinker Blog, Ed holds dear the concept that if you have purchased something, you should have the right to take it apart and play with it. Apple have a long and illustrious background as being open minded and embracing new concepts, the Apple I, and Apple II are great examples, and it is as a consequence that they have such a loyal following. Now they seem to be moving in the same direction as their reviled competitor Microsoft.

Increasingly Apple are forcing their users into a closed eco-system. This latest attack on the iPhone community smacks of nothing short of vindictiveness, oh, and of course money! The current arrangement that Apple have with AT&T is sweet by anyone’s assessment. The iPhone is an overpriced cell phone, and the ‘lock’ with AT&T creates a situation where Apple gets a ‘kick back’ for every phone, for every month of that long, long contract! This is not a bad gig if you can get one! 

Your ‘Hacked’ iPhone is now a grossly over priced MP3 player. Personally I have never been a fan of cell phones, and my preferred model is the $30 one that can be purchased at 7/11 or Best Buy.

My advice is “Stick it Apple”.

Simon Barrett

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