According to a recent report two agencies are pushing a university to address issues relating to asbestos at the university and to be more transparent about asbestos problems and contamination at the facility. The McMicken Arts and Sciences Tribunal and the Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA) are pushing the University of Cincinnati to address these serious issues.

The two organisations have put forward plans and reports that ask for officials from the university to be clearer and more honest about contamination at the university, and that asks for action to be taken with regards to the asbestos.

GSGA Vice President Peggy Shannon-Baker stated: “The reality is if (mold and asbestos) is in one building, it may be in other buildings. The primary goal is to get more communication from the university.” GSGA President Ezgi Akpinar added: Basically, we want to know (the results of the testing). The test results should be given to the public…the university has not been too vocal about it…These kinds of things are making us nervous. If these things go untreated, it may endanger human health.”

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