Here is another example of why our Universities are so antithetical to American values that they are dangerous to society…

Apparently, the University of Oklahoma is putting up a memorial to a fool who blew himself up when a homemade bomb he assembled went off while he held it as he attended a football game in the University stadium. Fortunately, he only killed himself and not anyone around him.

To this kid we should be saying good riddance and he should be quickly forgotten. But here is the U of O mourning this idiot’s death as if he were some kind of hero.

In fact, the only good thing he did was kill himself before he planted the bomb closer to other football fans in the stadium in which he died. But, that was a mere accident, NOT a planned, heroic deed.

Memorial Placed For Student Who Blew Self Up

The University of Oklahoma has put up a memorial to a student who died when a homemade bomb exploded near the OU football stadium.

A stone with the name of Joel Hinrichs III was placed outside the OU student union by the student affairs division.

Hinrichs died Oct. 1, 2005, when the bomb he built detonated as he sat on a campus bench near Memorial Stadium while a football game was under way. University officials ruled the death an accidental suicide.

Hinrichs’ father — Joel Hinrichs Jr. — said the university offered to have the stone placed.

Families normally pay about $150 for the memorials, and Hinrichs said he’s offered to pay, but OU hasn’t sent him a bill.

Now, the question is, why is the University bothering to memorialize this scum-bag who was so stupid that he couldn’t even do his last, horrific act in life correctly?

No, there should be no memorial for this wannabe murderer, terrorist.

Yet here we have the U of O doing so anyway. Where are the morals of the administration of the U of O to create this memorial? Would the U of O support a memorial to Terry Nichols and Timothy McVeigh? Why not? After all, they succeeded quite handily in their last efforts.

And imagine the message the U of O is sending to people with this ignorant memorializing of this failed killer.

Worse yet. Where is the protest by Oklahomans for this idiotic act by the U of O?

This whole story is just a shameful series of circumstances and the University of Oklahoma should be ashamed of itself.

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