The University of Minnesota is apparently paying up around sixty thousand dollars after being found guilty of two asbestos related violations. Whilst university officials deny that they were responsible for the violations the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has confirmed that the university has agreed to pay the money.

Mark Rotenberg, the University’s General Counsel, said that officials from the university did not agree that there had been any asbestos violations, but that they “didn’t think it was worth arguing about any further” and so decided to pay the fine.

The sixty thousand dollar payment will include five thousand dollars for each of the alleged violations, and in addition to this a donation of fifty thousand dollars to an environmental project that will support researxh relating to asbestos on-campus at the university.

One of the violations related to asbestos that was left over from a dismantled boiler on the Centennial Showboat, which is used as a theatre venue for students at the university. The asbesots was apparently not properly disposed and dried out, and this increased the chances of it becoming airborne and deadly.

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