Scheduled for completion in November 2008, a 1500 kw wind turbine project will be the first large scale wind turbine project for the U.S. Navy in the Mojave desert. Similar projects such as the one in Guantanamo Bay installed in 2005 which “saves taxpayers $1.2 million in annual energy costs, and it will reduce the consumption of 650,000 gallons of diesel fuel, reduce air pollution by 26 tons of sulfur dioxide and 15 tons of nitrous oxide and greenhouse gas emissions by 13 million pounds per year” according to the Department of The Navy’s shore energy office director William Tayler.

These as well as other projects such as the solar projects in San Diego are intended to bring our armed forces in tune with the demands of our times.

“It was a great experience to be associated with this and other projects to ‘Green Up’ the Navy’s power supply while at the same time improving Navy survivability, self reliance and redundancy,” said Gary Simon, NAVFAC Southwest renewable energy project manager for the five solar carport projects in San Diego.

These and many other such projects are another reason for our military personnel to be proud of their continuing commitment to improve the well being of our planet.

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