United Methodist Leaders Urge Divestment in Caterpillar for Doing Business in Israel 

Declining Membership Continues as Leaders Mull Portfolio Concerns

Methodist Leaders More Worldly, Membership becomes More Apathetic

The United Methodists official lobby office demonstrates one reason why their denomination continues to decline in membership.

The 7.9 million member United Methodist Church’s official lobby office is urging church agencies and members to divest their holdings in Caterpillar, Inc for doing business with Israel. The United Methodist General Board of Church and Society will unveil its proposal this Friday in Fort Worth, Texas before leading delegates of the church’s governing General Conference in April 2008.

Several United Methodist regional conferences have endorsed anti-Israel divestment. The only major U.S. denomination actively to endorse anti-Israel divestment was the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), which, after enormous controversy over two years, revoked its divestment policy in 2006.

Many Methodist members do not know, nor would they approve of their collection money being used to further divestment in companies doing business in Israel.
United Methodist Communications is sponsoring the quadrennial Pre-General Conference News Briefing for first-elected delegates and communicators this week. The event is for participants who wish to prepare for the 2008 General Conference.

IRD Director of UMAction Mark Tooley commented:

“Like other Religious Left agencies, the United Methodist lobby office thinks that U.S. pressure against Israel is the magic key for a peace settlement. The reality is more complicated, and Israel is not the exclusive obstacle to Middle East peace.

Methodist memberships woes seem likely to continue.

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United Methodists Urge Divestment in Caterpillar For Doing Business in IsraelSource:

United Methodists Urge Divestment in Caterpillar For Doing Business in Israel

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