Of course, we all know that unions constantly pump themselves up as representatives of a real democracy because they claim to be men of the people. They pretend that they are elected fairly to office and that they have only the best interests of their people in mind. How often these claims are true is anyone’s guess as who really knows the hearts of men? But one thing can be known and that is that unions are not any more above deceit, theft and corruption prone to any men. But one other thing is also true, the entire concept of a union is far more prone to the faults of men than otherwise.

Well, that pontificating aside, there is one more aspect that a union is prone to — at least for one in Stark County, Ohio. And that is a hunger for power. It appears that these petulant would-be politicos in the AFL-CIO in Stark County have gotten mad at the Democrat Party there.

Why you ask? How could a union be mad at their patron party, the Democrats?

It seems the Union imagined that they somehow deserved an automatic seat on the four-member County election board upon the resignation of a previous member but the local Democrat Party put up one of their own folk, Samuel Ferruccio, Jr., for the seat instead of the handpicked shill the union offered.

So, what did the union do?

Effective immediately, the council and its unions – which represent 30,000 workers – won’t donate money, walk door-to-door or make phone calls in support of Democratic political candidates in Stark County.

Hilarious. The union took their black ball and went home!

Says unions rep Mike McElfresh, union shill in question:

“This is not about anything personally, but we’re not getting the respect that’s due,” said Mike McElfresh, second vice president of the Hall of Fame Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.

Not anything “personally.” Jeeze, what a lie that is!

So, the union put their shill up for the election, anyway.

He lost.

Maier said Ferruccio earned 51 votes and McElfresh only 14 from the executive committee.

“We had an election,” Maier said. “It was a very democratic process.”

A “democratic process” is NOT what a union is interested in, obviously!

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